Jul 07

“world’s only reliable newspaper” to close :(

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wwwkittenthe weekly world news will be no more come august

my favourite story: two-headed woman pregnant! one head wants to have the baby — says the other, “absolutely not!”


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    Pete on 26 Jul 2007 #

    Flicking through the website it is almost indistinguishable to the onion, except the stories are shorter. Perhaps their downfall was to be so obviouslyin it for the laffs.

  2. 2
    Rob Brennan on 26 Jul 2007 #

    O noes! How will Will Smith keep tabs on the space aliums now?

  3. 3

    haha one of the blogstories i found about this begins: “Some people say they go to supermarkets to buy food. These people are called LIARS.”

    My intuiton is that WWW worked the same territory back then as the Onion does now, except for a rather different readership demographic — I assume the interwebs have as they have grown undermined it (same as they have great tranches of print media) but exactly how this works demographically I am not sure.

    A bit of me is inclined to think that WWW readership has split (class-wise? politics-wise?), into Onion interweb-readers and Fox viewers — which is to say, people who like this kind of story because they find it diverting and even a bit media-satirical, and people who like it because liking it is a way of taking a pop at snooty media elites with their so-called objectivity — but this bit of me feels like it’s channeling MOMUS in its social assumptions (about who reads what why).

  4. 4
    Nicole on 27 Jul 2007 #

    Aw, I will miss it a lot.

  5. 5
    tracerhand on 30 Jul 2007 #

    the WWW was much different from the onion in that it walked the line between sincerity and satire much closer — cf. ed anger’s buffoonish vituperation, which was so heartfelt yet so over the top that you could see where he was coming from but also see that he had drawn some pretty incorrect conclusions about it — in that way it was way riskier than the onion

    it’s been dead to me for awhile, though – when they axed dear dotti it was the end for me

  6. 6
    Admin on 30 Jul 2007 #

    WWN? no to WWW say i

  7. 7
    tracerhand on 30 Jul 2007 #



    the other big diff i guess i what each drew their inspiration from/parodied: with the onion it’s small-town newspapers, college newspapers and the mainstream press – with WWN it’s TABLOIDS

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