May 07

Never mind low GI, here’s cor GI.

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Man to eat Corgi live on air: “It’s going to be served in a pitta bread with a salad, almost like a kebab on a skewer.” The live eating will be in the Resonance FM studios, which, though slightly cramped, have a long history of food science. I just hope they don’t get reggae reggae sauce on the carpet. “We didn’t want to make it very distressing visually, says the not-so-starving artist behind this – good thing it’s on the radio then! Apparently they’re going to mince the dog rather than roast it: not a distressing image for a dog-lover at all, I think you’ll agree.


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    “almost like a kebab on a skewer” — in what sense is this true? it is mince served in “a” pitta bread! er, so NOT like a kebab, then, and NOT on a skewer!

    i assume the issue is legality (and ramsay-solidarity)

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    (note to self: read link b4 make ass of u & me)

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