May 07

Focus Group 11 – THE KLAXONS

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THE KLAXONS – “Golden Skans” – Score: 4.62 (9th) – Controversy: 2.11 (20th)

(Females: 9th. Males: 10th. Under 30s: 9th. Over 30s: 8th.)

Most like: Maximo Park. Most unlike: MIA.

  • “No rave content!! Poor show.” (3)
  • “Football highlight fodder.” (3)
  • “Weren’t they meant to matter?” (4)
  • “Snakebite and Myspace” (6)
  • “WOOEEOO does not make a song” (6)
  • “Potential – could do better.” (6)

If you dislike the Klaxons…

  • …you are much less likely to think music meant more at 16.
  • …you are less likely to pay attention to lyrics.

If you like the Klaxons…

  • …you are much less likely to know what the #1 single is.
  • …you are more likely to dislike ballads.


  1. 1
    CarsmileSteve on 2 May 2007 #

    surely WOOEEOOO has made several careers, never mind songs…

  2. 2
    Alix on 2 May 2007 #

    Particulary OOOEEEOO by Arthur Turner’s Lovechild. What do you mean you’ve never heard of it?

  3. 3
    CarsmileSteve on 2 May 2007 #

    i have heard of ATL though.

  4. 4
    Pete on 3 May 2007 #

    Yeah, I’ve heard it too, but I think if you draw the Venn diagram of me, Steve and Alix you would notice a conjunction on the “Lived In Oxford” circle.

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