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The 11th Freaky Trigger Pop Music Focus Group: Raw Results

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I promised the results would be up on Saturday, and here they are. Detailed scores, instant reviews, correlations and clusters, and implications all to follow.

This is from 39 votes – 32 present at Poptimism yesterday, 7 “postal”. The last of whose votes swapped the top two positions, so it was pretty tight, though it was clear early on that those were the only two tracks in with a chance of winning. A low-scoring Focus Group in general this, but it’s very good to be back: expect us to keep this fast format in the future.

And without further ado – the rankings:

  1. AVRIL LAVIGNE – “Girlfriend”
  2. Christina Aguilera – “Candyman”
  3. Nelly Furtado – “Say It Right”
  4. MIA – “Bird Flu”
  5. Gwen Stefani ft Akon – “The Sweet Escape”
  6. The Gossip – “Standing In The Way Of Control”
  7. Take That – “Shine”
  8. Ciara – “Like A Boy”
  9. The Klaxons – “Golden Skans”
  10. JoJo – “Too Little Too Late”
  11. FHM High Street Honeyz – “I Touch Myself”
  12. Good Charlotte – “Keep Your Hands Off My Girl”
  13. Kaiser Chiefs – “Ruby”
  14. Maximo Park – “Our Velocity”
  15. Alex Gaudino ft Crystal Waters – “Destination Calabria”
  16. Just Jack – “Starz In Their Eyes”
  17. Mika – “Grace Kelly”
  18. Fall Out Boy – “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race”
  19. Girls Aloud and Sugababes – “Walk This Way”
  20. The View – “Same Jeans”


  1. 1
    Matt D’Cruz on 7 Apr 2007 #

    I may well be entirely to blame for the relatively high positioning of the FHM High Street Honeys but who on earth was voting for Gwen?

  2. 2
    stevem on 7 Apr 2007 #

    Fall Out Boy is the 9th best song here!

  3. 3
    Tom on 7 Apr 2007 #

    I was surprised the Gossip didn’t make a stronger showing, and Fall Out Boy didn’t come higher (though I wasn’t expecting it to be in the top half).

  4. 4
    Alan on 7 Apr 2007 #

    first time i’ve heard more than 5 seconds of the gossip track. perhaps i should hear it more ‘closely’ cos i thought it was rub after a good intro, and it suprises me how high it it here.

  5. 5
    Tom on 7 Apr 2007 #

    I think it’s good but not great myself – but it did very well indeed on the weekly LJ polls so I was expecting its form to translate.

  6. 6
    CarsmileSteve on 7 Apr 2007 #

    hahaha, as per usual my higher votes were for those at the bottom end…

    not the greatest set of 20 songs i must say. DO BETTER 2007!!

  7. 7
    Tom on 7 Apr 2007 #

    Even my average was down. One “Triffid Farm” (ahem) was the Pop Tart. One “Marcello Carlin” was the Pop Nun.

  8. 8
    DavidM on 7 Apr 2007 #

    That poor girl-faced little boy in The View – he doesn’t deserve to be last!

  9. 9
    Pete on 8 Apr 2007 #

    How did Mystic Meg do?

    Be interesting to look at the stats of the voters, what with the top six songs being female fronted acts. I sthere a pop as feminine issue being developed here?

  10. 10
    Andrew Farrell on 8 Apr 2007 #

    I’m surprised to hear the top two were much clear of #3, which I though was by some distance the best song of the three.

  11. 11
    Pop Princess on 8 Apr 2007 #


    So glad I found this blog – you need my votes to get it right :o)

    Mika baby Mika!

  12. 12
    Alan on 8 Apr 2007 #

    Hi there Pop Princess! We want pop luv, but you may find Mika luv thin on the ground here. Don’t let that put you off tho.

  13. 13
    steve m on 10 Apr 2007 #

    what i would’ve given them:

    ‘Girlfriend’ (8)
    ‘Candyman’ (5)
    ‘Say It Right’ (5)
    ‘Bird Flu’ (9)
    ‘The Sweet Escape’ (7)
    ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’ (7)
    ‘Shine’ (9)
    ‘Like A Boy’ (7)
    ‘Golden Skans’ (7)
    ‘Keep Your Hands Off My Girl’ (3)
    ‘Ruby’ (5)
    ‘Our Velocity’ (6)
    ‘Destination Calabria’ (5)
    ‘Starz In Their Eyez’ (4)
    ‘Grace Kelly’ (5)
    ‘This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race’ (8)
    ‘Walk This Way’ (4)

  14. 14
    jel on 10 Apr 2007 #

    I gave Fall Out Boy two zeros thanks to a joker. They are false metal.

    JoJo was my highest ranked.

  15. 15
    Lex on 10 Apr 2007 #

    I don’t remember much of the voting process (incidentally, DOUBTERS, I not only made it to the house party but indeed stayed up until 2pm the next day) except that there were only six songs which I didn’t give either 0 or 10.

  16. 16
    edward o on 10 Apr 2007 #

    I was going to participate in this but my god, there were some songs I just couldn’t listen to. I felt just like Lex must when he listens to the charts.

    The best song won. Nelly should have come second. Take That underrated. Tom, can we have a sad kitten with a caption that says “Poptimists, why do you hate Mark Owen?”.

  17. 17
    koganbot on 11 Apr 2007 #

    I’d have given JoJo and Nelly F. 9 each; M.I.A. and Ciara and Good Charlotte and maybe Xtina 8’s. Pretty much everything else clusters between 5 and 7. “Walk This Way” and Same Jeans and maybe Take That (don’t remember how it sounds) would be my only under 5’s. I predict that Poptimist girls like JoJo less than Poptimist boys do but that in larger society this is reversed. High scores for The Gossip are wishful thinking. Not such a bad set of songs, though.

  18. 18
    Tom on 11 Apr 2007 #

    I think you might be right on the Jojo – have no means of proving the reverse hypothesis tho.

    More (i.e. some) children/teens needed in the postal votes I think! The youngest individual taking part was the Lex, I think. (unless Cis is younger than Lex)

  19. 19
    Tom on 11 Apr 2007 #

    Actually I think Abby Poptext is younger too, and she was there, and filled in a ballot, but I’m not sure it got to me :(

    (Two anonymous ballots were handed in, but I have ruled them out being hers, as neither of them gave a high mark to Avril.)

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