Apr 07

Focus Group 11 – MAXIMO PARK

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MAXIMO PARK – “Our Velocity” – Score: 3.90 (14th) – Controversy: 2.39 (19th)

(Females: 14th. Males: 15th. Under 30s: 17th. Over 30s: 15th)

Most like: The Gossip. Most unlike: JoJo.

  • “No redeeming features: kittens die.” (0)
  • “Twatsimo Park more like” (4)
  • “Jang jang jang, well done.” (5)
  • “By no means all bad” (5)
  • “Bad hair, good band” (7)
  • “Suddenly good as Futureheads. Cripes!” (9)

If you dislike Maximo Park…

  • …you are much more likely to prefer club nights to gigs.
  • …you are much less likely to hate ballads.

If you like Maximo Park…

  • …you are much more likely to define yourself as indie.
  • …you are much more likely to think music means less now than it did at 16.


  1. 1
    chap on 17 Apr 2007 #

    Despite my general reaction to the current, seemingly endless crop of UK guitar bands (disinterest to loathing) I quite like this song, it’s got a skittery urgency to it which I find appealing.

  2. 2
    kallstrom on 3 May 2007 #

    I typed “i hate maximo park” into google and it brought me here. I was quite indifferent towards them until i saw the Velocity video. It may be the mind numbing repetitivness of the song or the fact that one Paul Smith is enough never mind the countless amounts in the video but i came to the conclusion that they are muck. that is all

  3. 3
    Kat on 4 May 2007 #

    Kallstrom, you should meet our friend Tanya. You’d get on well.

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