Apr 07

Focus Group 11 – JUST JACK

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JUST JACK – “Starz In Their Eyes” – Score: 3.80 (16th) – Controversy: 2.70 (10th)

(Females: 16th. Males: 14th. Under 30s: 14th. Over 30s: 17th.)

Most like: The View. Most unlike: MIA.

  • “Really bad vocals” (1) 
  • “I blame Jo Whiley personally” (2) 
  • “Decent riff – why him?” (4)
  • “Nice music for an advert” (5)
  • “Needs dictionary, fresh ideas” (5)
  • “Non-tech masterpiece, can’t grok lyrics” (8)

If you dislike Just Jack…

  • ….you are much more likely to prefer club nights to gigs.
  • ….you are much less likely to think of yourself as indie.

If you like Just Jack…

  • ….you are much less likely to usually know what the #1 single is.
  • ….you are more likely to think hip-hop is in a creative rut.


  1. 1
    edward o on 13 Apr 2007 #

    Awful song, plus apparently he looks like me in his new video. MASSIVE FROWNY FACES.

  2. 2
    alext on 13 Apr 2007 #

    ha ha ‘just jack’ is for people who hate pop and think hip-hop has gone rubbish i.e. mostly Old Carter USM fans. I can’t hear the difference.

  3. 3
    Tom on 13 Apr 2007 #

    Dude you got me into Carter USM!

  4. 4
    Tom on 13 Apr 2007 #

    I think the iron laws of statistics have come good on this one tho – the View is a good spot.

  5. 5
    alext on 13 Apr 2007 #

    Yeah I woz trollin’. Although I think I only bought the Carter because your NME recommended it. I have tried to relisten to Carter but it doesn’t move me — was still tempted by that Academy gig though, mostly for old times’ sake (me and m*rk h*nderson at the astoria together!!)

    Just Jack = The View = so absolutely PROVEN BY SCIENCE = all science ever should be done by FT focus group.

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