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Admin: listen up, all comment crew

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I was hoping that the lovely Akismet filter (200,000 spam caught and rising) would be updated to have an option to never mark logged-in user’s comments as spam. No such luck, so i’ve had a go myself. I tried posting blatant spam logged in and it worked ok, and it failed when logged out as a double-check, so the signs are good. (And it continues to trap all the usual spam.)

It’s risky stuff fiddling with such a good spam filter and v difficult to test and troubleshoot – so let me know about any problems you find here. And if your comments are being ignored please use the Freakytrigger e-mail link (bottom of the sidebar there) to let us know.

My worry is that the spambots will work out how to automatically make an account. (Then I might have to add a captcha to that process *wince*)


  1. 1
    Kat on 11 Jan 2007 #

    Dude it’s still not working. There should be a comment from me above with a ‘hi dere i’m all logged in’ type message innit.

  2. 2
    Admin on 11 Jan 2007 #

    cheers & grrr. will have another go soon and bump this comment thread

  3. 3
    Admin on 11 Jan 2007 #

    can you try again and just to be sure can you check you are at “http://freakytrigger.co.uk/” not “http://www.freakytrigger.co.uk/”

  4. 4
    mark c on 11 Jan 2007 #

    I am logged in, I’m at http//freaky and it still doesn’t work for me :(

  5. 5
    Admin on 11 Jan 2007 #

    (i de-spammed that) DAMN.

  6. 6
    Kat on 11 Jan 2007 #

    Nope I am still not showing up. Def at http://freaky.

  7. 7
    Admin on 11 Jan 2007 #

    i will have to have another go outside of work. thanks both

  8. 8
    Alan on 11 Mar 2007 #

    HOW ABOUT NOW? If you are a reg’d user and logged in you really shouldn’t get comments disappearing into the spam bin. Also you get “FT’s ” before your name on the comment.

  9. 9
    katstevens on 11 Mar 2007 #

    Testing testing 1 2!

  10. 10
    Kat on 11 Mar 2007 #

    :( My comment just now (on this post) hasn’t shown up yet. Perhaps it’s just me?

  11. 11
    Admin on 11 Mar 2007 #

    wah. blimmin plugin. will have a poke about. ta

  12. 12
    Alan on 18 Apr 2007 #

    Calling Kat and Cis! I have had another go at stopping the anti-spam plugin catching logged in users. so, if you could have a go…

    (Not only that but i have got the edit comment plugin doubly fixed now, so that works nicely too.)

  13. 13
    cis on 19 Apr 2007 #

    /has a go

  14. 14
    Alan on 19 Apr 2007 #


  15. 15
    katstevens on 19 Apr 2007 #

    I am trying too now as well, however the site doesn’t seem to think I am logged in! But when I try to log in, I am logged in! Hein?

  16. 16
    Alan on 19 Apr 2007 #

    no idea – i’d have to see that. but you WERE logged in when you posted that comment (see it sez “FT’s katstevens” likewise with cis’s comment). AND YET IT SHOULD NOT HAVE MARKED EITHER OF YOU AS SPAM. i’m wondering if it’s another anti-spam thing in here that’s doing it.

    i don’t want to unplug Akismet to check that tho as it catches SOOOOoo much spam. why is it so consistent with you two (and others no doubt) tho.


  17. 17
    cis on 19 Apr 2007 #

    Maybe this will work?

  18. 18
    cis on 19 Apr 2007 #

    wordpress why u gots to h8?

  19. 19
    Admin on 30 Apr 2007 #

    ok. how about now?

  20. 20
    katstevens on 30 Apr 2007 #

    Testing one two three.

  21. 21
    katstevens on 30 Apr 2007 #


  22. 22
    Admin on 30 Apr 2007 #


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