Dec 06

Where am I gonna go? Ipswich?

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Dark Season castAwesome things about Dark Season!!

  • it was written by Russell “The” Davies on a tea break from scripting “Why Don’t You”!
  • It features fantastic theme music, which is suspenseful but yet never really goes anywhere, leaving you with the fear that you’ll never reach a happy coda, and you don’t quite know where the music started, but something feels strange – a lot like the score to Quatermass! SPOOKY!
  • It’s like the DEMON HEADMASTER AND THE PRIME MINISTER’S BRAIN! but with an unnerving mod version of Billy Idol called MR. ELDRITCH taking the place of the Headmaster!
  • Kate Winslet in the most unflattering pair of trousers EVER!
  • It was originally going to be called “The Adventurous Three”!
  • Devil worshipping lesbian NAZIS and a GIANT SUPERCOMPUTER called Beer MothBEHEMOTH!
  • Schoolteacher from THE LIKELY LADS in a JCB!
  • Marcy being a between Harriet the Spy and DOCTOR WHO!
  • And speaking of Doctor Who – Dark Season TOTALLY kicks Torchwood ARSE!
  • If you are a total trainspotter saddo you can spot loads of lines from Dark Season later re-used in Doctor Who, esp re getting stuck in corridors/ventilation shafts/trapped in vacuum sealed rooms etc etc causing much HILARIOUS LARFTER from yrs saddo truly chiz chiz.
  • Hooray for Dark Season!!


    1. 1
      Pete Baran on 7 Dec 2006 #

      I vaguely remember this having the same plot as the Demo Headmo, but with lesbian nazis instead, or am I confused?

    2. 2
      Kat on 7 Dec 2006 #

      The first episode is still ingrained in my memory, mainly because it featured the unruly school assembly where NONE OF THEM WERE WEARING UNIFORM crikey, and as soon as the baddies turned up everyone shut up and listened. “Hooray we all get given a free computer.” You’d have thought Kate would be grateful but NO the nosey bint had to MEDDLE like the PESKY KID she is.

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