Nov 06

why am i not surprised >:(

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ufoFor reasons i won’t bore you with, i needed to examine STORM THORGERSON‘s website, he of front-rank 70s sleeve designhouse HIPGNOSIS. I am immediately confronted with the following rubric: “To view this site, you’ll need the Flash plugin.” What is the USE of a designer who does not know how offputting this is?

(brief history: the annoyingly named company specialised in a. high-production value quasi-surreal mysticism, and b., high DO YOU SEE-value punning innuendo of a sexist bent…)


  1. 1
    Dadaismus on 3 Nov 2006 #

    You do know of course that the couple pictured on that sleeve above are Genesis P-Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti? (That’s Gen’s arse you can almost see)

  2. 2

    no! that is awesome!! i heart the 70s!!! why has no one spoken of this before????

    so is this a p.christopherson sleeve for hipgnosis? the “commentary” on the site i found it was in japanese

  3. 3
    Dadaismus on 3 Nov 2006 #

    I don’t really know what Peter Christopherson’s exact role was at Hipgnosis, was he more of a photographer than an actual designer? He obv. got Gen and Cosey the “Force It” gig!

  4. 4

    i THINK he was one of the three main designers, alongside STORM T and some other guy i can’t remember

    haha i picked this one bcz it wz the most emblematically AWFUL in terms of stuff abt the 70s i greatly disliked except haha now i am REAPPRAISING THAT FEELING!

    i am not sure i haf ever knowingly heard ufo — they were hard rock/metal, no? i associate them with BUDGIE

  5. 5
    Dadaismus on 3 Nov 2006 #

    Aubrey “Po” Powell was the other one. Him and Storm were old mates of “The Floyd” from back in Cambridge plus I think they were flatmates of Syd when he first started to go doolally. Peter C. was (obviously) a lot younger than them. UFO were a poppier proposition than Budgie. End of broadcast!

  6. 6
    Tim on 3 Nov 2006 #

    UFO = something to do with Michael Schenker, of the Michael Schenker Group, obv.

    I have no idea why I remember this so clearly.

  7. 7
    Dadaismus on 3 Nov 2006 #

    Michael Schenker’s been in and out of UFO more times than David Blunkett’s been in and out of Kimber… the Cabinet (look for that joke in the forthcoming series of “Dead Ringers”)

  8. 8

    blimXor have i blundered unawares into an under-discussed zone of twee-ancestry?

  9. 9
    Dadaismus on 3 Nov 2006 #

    Who you callin’ twee, pal

  10. 10
    Stevie on 20 Nov 2006 #

    Suddenly occurred to me, while reading Rick Poyner’s new book in the caff atop Waterstones Piccadilly on Saturday, that the missing graphic link between prog and the PSBs is of course Barney Bubbles.

  11. 11

    yes i have a lost article on barney :(

    commissioned by someone for a catalogue, then — after i’d done most of the heavy lifting — the money didn’t materialise and the entire project languished

    if this piece had been 1500 rather than just 500 i’d have revived some of it i think

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