Oct 06

What The Cover Of King Crimson’s “In The Court Of The Crimson King” Would Look Like…

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If it had a cold.

If an album cover could get a cold

If only an album cover could get a cold. And therefore by extension, flu, consumption, smallpox, yellow fever, malaria and slow, painful and eventual death. Followed by cremation.

If it had measles it would look like this.

This joke already gone too far


  1. 1
    Steve Mannion on 11 Oct 2006 #

    for some bizarre reason i had come to think of this image as being the cover of Happy Mondays ‘Bummed’. very strange.

  2. 2
    Tanya Headon on 12 Oct 2006 #

    I would do a picture of the cover of Bummed with a major ailment too, but
    a) this joke was already too thin to start off with
    b) it already looks too sick to make any worse.

  3. 3
    Tommy Mack on 12 Oct 2006 #

    Aye. Me an’ all.

    ‘..lie down beside yer, fill yer full of junk…’

  4. 4
    konka on 27 Mar 2007 #


  5. 5
    Joana on 10 Jul 2007 #

    hi guys this is my image take a look and no faint

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