Oct 06

RobEmoWatch 4: Tiniest No Longer!

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i. Notts Forest is in SHROPSHIRE! (proof = they visited clun and knighton)
ii. The Awesome Power of RobEmoWatch! (proof = first words spoken to Maid Pieface = “Nice Pie! Give us a KISS!”)
iii. a merrymen called ROY is NOT CANON and thus a MARKED MERRYMEN, comic energy notwithstanding

POLITICAL ANACHRONISM OF THE WEEK: “I prefer working within the system”
NOT-AT-ALL DESPERATE PRO-SERIES “CLEVER” ANALYSIS OF THE WEEK: Fools everywhere are doubtless mocking this in their strawman way but the CRAPNESS of the outlaws qua heroic ensemble and of the Rubbiff of N’s castle qua impenetrable fortress is GOOD ftb both are NEW to the current situation and you don’t get to be genius at either job overnight. So yay for the learning curve.
ABIDING TRUTH OF THE WEEK: Keith Awful Must Go. Gormless of Jizbourne (smokin in ANY jerkin) is funnier every ep tho, as the LEAST EPT SIDEKICK in made-up history. I love how all he does is stand around lookin awkward yet sexy yet useless.

Every time I give up on it someone makes MEAN REMARKS and my resolve triples.


  1. 1
    Alan on 28 Oct 2006 #

    My few groats:
    i) fite with baby done way better in Xena – including throwing baby up in air, swordplay, then re-catching baby
    ii) Blakes 7 was (sadly still is) often (with good cause) marked as a Robin Hood in space, and this interpretation is the closest. Jizbourne acts and is dressed really close top Travis. Rubbiff of Nottingham is (obv) not a patch on Servalan, but in this ep was doing his (toe) nails, which is sort of getting there. Little John really reminds me of the actor who played Gan (possibly memory trick there).
    iii) we were going “Roy? ROY? Baint no merrry man called ROY!… He’s not long for the world is he?
    iv) the arrow target inter-scene cut is rubbish because it is WRONG. there was no red. all black and gold (ISTR)
    v) last week’s still my fave. this one seemed aimless.

  2. 2
    Alan on 28 Oct 2006 #

    and another thing. Clun is almost definitely not reffed in canonical/classic Robin, yet was a major location in 80sClannadRobin.

  3. 3

    oh poo i am sad the baby-fite is merely copied

    aim = to get rid of roy for not being canon!

  4. 4
    Andrew Farrell on 28 Oct 2006 #

    Red target = clever reference to Twin Peak recurring gag that no-one ever got (including everyone).

  5. 5

    possible rationale behind the insertion of clun into tv’s robintales

    i. it has a grebt medieval castle dating from the days of undiluted norman rule and welsh predation
    ii. notts forest covered the ENTIRE MIDLANDS in those days, barring a few scattered clearings — actual a major prob w.remaking robin ANYWHERE IN THE WOIRLD is the lack of dense mile-on-mile virgin forest… it always ends up lookin like haha copse-and-robbers, where the law’s inability to find the outlaw is inexplicable
    iii. shropshire was the MARCHES hurrah so a character named owen marcher lord of clun would generate interesting near-historical matter
    iv. herne the hunter is a west midlands rather than an east midlands figure? (i’m basing this on ALAN GARNER-LORE and googling rather than actual knowledge so jump in if you know different)

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