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London Film Festival Mystery Film

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This was going to be an Index piece, but it got a bit long. This Sunday, 29th October about 8:30pm, the annual mystery film expands to 50 screens (and one assumes different cinemas). Why not go see.

What I really mean by that is, to what extent is our viewing of a film part of a process. One which includes the poster, the actors, the reviews, the spoilers, the fact that its been out in the US for a couple of months. Is it possible to go and see a film “cold” and not know anything about it? And when was the last time you did? The mystery film is great for this, if not wholly successful. And now you have a chance to get in what with it taking place at 50 screens across London. I can’t remember the last time I saw a film without knowing something about it. Perhaps this will recharge my critical batteries.

Apparently there will be different mystery films. I’m guessing that a fair few may well be the Casino Royale (three weeks early – its probably ready…) But surprise yourself. So who wants to go where?
(Sadly I wanted to see it at Holloway, but that’s not open to the general public. Holloway Prison that is. So it may be a trip to Terminal 4 Heathrow instead.)


  1. 1
    tracerhand on 24 Oct 2006 #

    I saw Children of Men completely cold – I had never even heard of it. I locked myself out of my house and my roommates had just gone into the cinema to see it, so I figured what the heck. I imagine it was much, more more impressive to me for that.

  2. 2
    Andrew Farrell on 25 Oct 2006 #

    Not neccesarily, Emma saw it after being extremely excited about it for weeks, and still enjoyed it more than everything ever.

  3. 3
    CarsmileSteve on 25 Oct 2006 #

    i was wondering how they were going to get 50 prints of one new film… i’m a bit sad that it’s going to be different films though…

  4. 4
    Magnus on 25 Oct 2006 #

    I advocate both sides of this:

    I’ve sometimes enjoyed the hype of a movie much more than the film itself – building up an enthusiasm was a pleasure in itself, especially if its a franchise movie. (Bond films always do this, but then I like their slick predictability when I watch them too.)

    And for some, I’ve known nothing of a film beforehand, and had the better time for it. For instance, from my bubble of ignorance I had assumed that The Matricks was a hacker thriller in the vein of The Net, and so was completely taken in by it in a way that can’t really have been possible if knowing even a little bit about it.

  5. 5
    Alex Fitch on 31 Oct 2006 #

    So did you find out what the 4 films were? I assume one was Casino Royale; in the official festival book, there was an advert for the film and something along the lines of “Eon productions would like to congratulate the London Film Festival for 50 years…”

  6. 6
    CarsmileSteve on 31 Oct 2006 #

    there might be a new post on this in the pipeline. I don’t *think* bond turned up in the end. there were apparently seven films, but i’ve only found out what six of them were at the mo…

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