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What Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon Cover Would Actually Look Like…

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If it was actually on the Dark Side Of The Moon.
Dark Side Of The Moon on the Dark Side Of The Moon

However, having been to the moon, and more importantly having spoken to people who know something about the moon (FT’s own science teacher Alan), I can confirm that there isn’t actually a dark side of the Moon at all. Whilst it is true that, being in geosynchronous orbit, one side of the Moon always faces the Earth, that doesn’t mean that the other side doesn’t get a fair bit of sunlight too. The stupid idiots in Pink Floyd, despite making music that only scientists would like, misunderstand science themselves. One can only assume that the Floyd were talking about the Far Side Of The Moon: and so here is an artists impressions of what the album would look like from Earth, if it was on the far side of the Moon.
The Far Side Of The Moon Album Cover

As you can see, thankfully the moon would be in the way, obscuring the pretentious and poorly drawn prism art on the original. Indeed, if on the Far Side of the moon, not only would it be inaccessible to play, but there might be some hilarious joke regarding talking animals juxtaposed with a mundane human task. Gee that Gary Larson is funny.

Further discussion did point out though that while Pink Floyd are clearly stupid and wrong for asserting the existence of a Dark Side Of The Moon, they are also, unfortunately, very rich due to other even stupider people (including scientists) buying their records. So rich in fact that it is more than possible that, in the face of such criticism, they would try to prove me wrong. And thus invent some sort of technologically superior Moon Rover*, with a copy of Dark Side Of The Moon stuck to the back of it with some sort of high tech adhesive, which would endlessly circle the Moon remaining in the dark spot.

This is what that would look like.
Dark Side Of The Moon, stuck on the back of a technologically superior Moon Rover, with Blu Tak, endlessly circling the moon

(Hmm, not sure if I should make this a regular feature after all.)

*Better than the Mars Rover in that it would not only work but would not play a Blur song as it puttered uselessly around the planet.


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  1. 31
    anna on 4 Apr 2007 #

    i have no idea howsomeone like you has a pubic space such a this page… now that i think about it i dont know what am I doing looking at this. but anyway, while I’m at it let me tell you something: you don’t seem to be intelligent at all, so it doesn’t matter what you think of Pink Floyd (or anything else for that matter).
    and why is it that you dont replay the comments? you are also rude besides very dumb. good luck with this site, though, it’s probaby the only thing you can succeed on.
    best regards;

  2. 32
    Tom on 5 Apr 2007 #

    I think Tanya replays the comments on a very regular basis. I certainly do.

  3. 33
    Sergio on 28 Apr 2007 #

    You are such a f***ing asshole!!!

    Have you heard the record?
    Do you know what is it about?

    its about the things that make a man go crazy
    -time, death, money-

    the original name was ‘eclipse(a piece for assorted lunatics)’

    they arent talking about the moon
    its a metaphor
    (I bet you dont know what that is so http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metaphor )

    you say the cover would be all black
    if it were about the dark side of the moon
    just tell me
    what the fuck does the prism has to do with the moon?
    the moon(phyisically) never appears on the record
    just in brain damage (which you seriously have)
    that says “I’ll see you onthe dark side of the moon”
    they dont mean the dark side of the moon physically

    the last line of the album its

    There is no dark side of the moon really, matter of fact its all dark.


    and next time think with your brain, not your ass
    cos all you said its bullshit

  4. 34
    Pinky on 15 Jun 2007 #

    ROFL, You’re just too funny you know.

    I’ll see you on the Dark Side Of The Moon ;)

  5. 35
    Mihir Modi on 15 Jun 2007 #

    Wow! Your knowledge is fantastic. I’m impressed.
    LOL… I can’t believe people get such crazy ideas and put up a page to discuss that :D

  6. 36
    Alan on 15 Jun 2007 #

    that appears just like a spam comment, but is missing the not-so-hidden link to medz, pr0n etc. someone trying out a new spam script i guess.

    it’s nice that we get 1000s of complimentary comments every week “wow, such a fresh design, everything easy to find, well done” and so on. it’s a shame i read them in a sarcastic voice to myself. fortunately akismet ‘reads’ 99% of them for me.

  7. 37
    Edgard on 21 Jun 2007 #

    hum… poor poor commentaries. Why did you publish it again? Yeah… they are stupid idiots, but they made the second most successful album in history. And you? Hum.. a little page in England that some people like me unfortunatly found on Google when googling THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.. so pleease stop your work because it’s not funny and it truly stinks.

  8. 38
    Edgard on 21 Jun 2007 #
  9. 39
    Diana on 21 Jun 2007 #

    I’m sad for you, Tanya. I wish you could feel their magic.
    Anyway, they are certainly NOT idiots. Why can’t you accept people who think different from you?
    “…I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon…”

  10. 40
    DI FOREVER on 21 Jun 2007 #


  11. 41
    Diana on 24 Jun 2007 #

    DI FOREVER, are you talking with me? If not, I apologize for misunderstanding. If you wrote such things about me, I want you to know that I didn’t want to offend anyone. Diana is my real name, is just a coincidence and it has nothing to do with princess Diana. She was a beautiful and kind person and I admire and deeply regret her.
    I think you got me wrong, I’m a big Pink Floyd fan and I was revolted of what Tanya wrote about them, so I decided to wrote here, just to defend my favourite band. I think I shouldn’t waste my time.
    Anyway, at least for me, Pink Floyd is the best band ever! Greetings to all real Pink Floyd fans!

  12. 42
    DementedAvenger on 24 Jun 2007 #

    LMAO Tanya refers to one of the top 5 (I’d actually narrow it down to top 2) lyricists in rock as a “stupid idiot”. Darlin, you don’t just hate music, you hate life.

  13. 43
    Al Ewing on 24 Jun 2007 #

    Obviously DementedAvenger is correct, the top 5 lyricists in rock are:

    1. Terry Colby, out of The Serious Jury
    2. the guy who wrote the songs of Pink Floyd, out of Pink Floyd
    3. Mark E. Warrington, out of Pickled Onion Space Raider
    4. Albion Chote, out of Illicit Compromise
    5. Rebecca Quailen, out of Snaggerfoal (pre-1978 though, Kids On Stilts was a rubbish album)

    Anyone who does not agree with this list hates life!!!!! GREETINGS TO ALL SERIOUS JURY FANS!!!!

  14. 44
    Another Brick on 27 Jun 2007 #

    man this just made my day! first off, these no one named “pink floyd” its jsut a band name, second off… you are WAY too literal… seriously get a life, get a bong, and actually BUY the album, click ‘Play’ light up, serve HIGH, and enjoy

  15. 45
    Murdoch on 27 Jun 2007 #

    “pioneers of rock and roll and some of the greatest musical minds this world has ever seen”

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Pink Fuckin Floyd wouldn’t know rock’n’roll if it came and bit their sorry overpriveleged public school arses, and are NONE of the greatest musical minds this world has ever seen.

    Oh, and Sid Barrett was just an acid-frazzled waster with a persecution complex.

    Everything this band has ever done is shit.

    Except split up, and the greedy fuckers can’t even do that properly.

    It seems they’ve never screwed quite enough cash out of their slavish devotees.

    Wise up, suckers. They’ve been fleecing you for decades. When ya gonna git them back for it?

  16. 46
    oms on 29 Jun 2007 #

    u are so smart woman..no dark side of the moon haha…i guess we shud sue pink floyd rite? get the repo men to collect all the albums…sue waters for slanderous behavior against the moon? if u hate music so much why the fuck are u commenting on album artwork?:S it is because ur too thich skulled to rite ‘exposes’ targeted towards ACTUAL songs…hmm…really makes one think

    ps.. oh and murdock/dick obviously theres something ok with floyd seeing as they have albums on the rock and roll hall of fame’s definitive 200 albums list..(dark side is 3rd on it)…hmm yea u can really tell a band is shit and rock&roll…the best proof is their album being on the list of the best r&r albums..fucktard..geez..and as fae as ‘screwing cash out of their slavish devotees’ is concerned..no one forced anyone to listen or buy floyd…i am a ‘slavish devotee’ of floyd but i havent spent a cent on them..music and life in general is more about money my frend..but i guess ppl like u who dont get any sexual action are bound to think of things in terms of cents and dollars

  17. 47
    oms on 29 Jun 2007 #

    incidently…and as mentioned earlier (i think) the name of the album refers to the phenomenon known as the eclipse (u know tht thing when the moon and sun are positioned in the exact same direction in terms of the earth)…the event gives the appearance that the moon/sun is totally dark..if anything, the name of the album refers to this phenomenon (the final song titled IS titled eclipse) and not the actual physical state of the moon

  18. 48
    Murdoch on 29 Jun 2007 #

    Who gives fuck about the rock and roll hall of fame?

    “i havent spent a cent on them..music and life in general is more about money my frend” No shit, Sherlock.

    Sometimes it’s about spelling, sometimes it’s about frothing-at-the-mouth name-calling and other times it’s about realising that my opinion of Pink Floyd won’t change. At other times, it’s about falling off my chair laughing at how uptight some people get over defending a bunch of grasping, soulless and pretentious pop stars.

    Go out and buy a Bad Religion cd.

    Learn something.

  19. 49
    Al Ewing on 29 Jun 2007 #

    You have become the one you tried to warn us about.

  20. 50
    oms on 29 Jun 2007 #

    thanks for the yoda-ish comment al ewing that must go up on the wall dont u think..i can so cleary see that ole murdock just got a tiny orgasm coz i missed out a word in that sentence..haha…easy mate ur snatch hasnt seen activity in years..wat i meant was tht music and life in general is more THAN just about money, watson. and if im pathetic because i defend ‘soulless and pretentious pop stars’ than u my frend are pathetic because u spend much more time making and updating websites to slander such pretentious and soulless pop stars.

    yea not a lot of people give a flying fuck abt the r&r hall of fame. but who in the name of the holy spirit gives a fuck about u mate?

  21. 51
    oms on 29 Jun 2007 #

    seriously…if u hate floyd..if u hate music…then just…now this is going to sound revolutionary but bear with me…just…if u hate music and/or pink floyd all u have..to…do…is…STOP LISTENING TO IT! there? now isnt that so very easy to comprehend…count sheep, blow bubbles, eat ice cream..watever..just dont listen to music if it pisses u off so much..believe me there are better causes to fight for..how abt aids prevention, peace in middle east, famine in africa, gun violence..why music??:S live and let live guys

  22. 52
    Al Ewing on 30 Jun 2007 #

    The comment so good he made it twice! I especially love the way he implies that Tanya could cure AIDS if she only used her powers for good.

  23. 53
    oms on 30 Jun 2007 #

    there we go again with the old simple minded…2-bit and 2D thinking…seriously wat are u? a rural farmer in kentucky? yes i do believe if people dont waste time making and maintaining such silly little websites about the things they hate, they cud actually do something meaninful in life. yes the point indeed is a good one, and i thank u kindly for pointing that out.

  24. 54
    oms on 30 Jun 2007 #

    ewing even ur rural sensibilities shud agree with the fact that it is rather stupid to slander a band about the cover of their album or the name of their album…incedently the moon IS dark…something that pink floyd acknowledge at the end of the album (“there is no dark side of the moon really…matter of fact its all dark”)…if u think that the moon is a flourescent old light bulb than u do indeed live in a parallel universe.

  25. 55
    oms on 30 Jun 2007 #
  26. 56
    Al Ewing on 1 Jul 2007 #

    I live in the parallel universe where ‘u’ is spelled Y-O-U.

  27. 57
    oms on 1 Jul 2007 #

    hahaah oh i just about busted a gut to that..haha..probably ur rural sensibilities got pissed of coz i taught u when to use the word ‘aforementioned’..aww is wittle ewing pissed now..is he gonna beat the crap out of me now…heres some great advise..when u dont know how to reply to something, its better to just shut the fuck up rather than embaress urself

  28. 58
    Alan on 1 Jul 2007 #

    more rope plz

  29. 59
    Alan on 1 Jul 2007 #

    oy tanya, What do increased sales of Dark Side of The Moon tell us? – a waiting world wants to know :-)

  30. 60
    Al Ewing on 1 Jul 2007 #

    “its better to just shut the fuck up rather than embaress urself”

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