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What Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon Cover Would Actually Look Like…

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If it was actually on the Dark Side Of The Moon.
Dark Side Of The Moon on the Dark Side Of The Moon

However, having been to the moon, and more importantly having spoken to people who know something about the moon (FT’s own science teacher Alan), I can confirm that there isn’t actually a dark side of the Moon at all. Whilst it is true that, being in geosynchronous orbit, one side of the Moon always faces the Earth, that doesn’t mean that the other side doesn’t get a fair bit of sunlight too. The stupid idiots in Pink Floyd, despite making music that only scientists would like, misunderstand science themselves. One can only assume that the Floyd were talking about the Far Side Of The Moon: and so here is an artists impressions of what the album would look like from Earth, if it was on the far side of the Moon.
The Far Side Of The Moon Album Cover

As you can see, thankfully the moon would be in the way, obscuring the pretentious and poorly drawn prism art on the original. Indeed, if on the Far Side of the moon, not only would it be inaccessible to play, but there might be some hilarious joke regarding talking animals juxtaposed with a mundane human task. Gee that Gary Larson is funny.

Further discussion did point out though that while Pink Floyd are clearly stupid and wrong for asserting the existence of a Dark Side Of The Moon, they are also, unfortunately, very rich due to other even stupider people (including scientists) buying their records. So rich in fact that it is more than possible that, in the face of such criticism, they would try to prove me wrong. And thus invent some sort of technologically superior Moon Rover*, with a copy of Dark Side Of The Moon stuck to the back of it with some sort of high tech adhesive, which would endlessly circle the Moon remaining in the dark spot.

This is what that would look like.
Dark Side Of The Moon, stuck on the back of a technologically superior Moon Rover, with Blu Tak, endlessly circling the moon

(Hmm, not sure if I should make this a regular feature after all.)

*Better than the Mars Rover in that it would not only work but would not play a Blur song as it puttered uselessly around the planet.


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  1. 91
    Allen on 20 Sep 2007 #

    Well done Tom. You’re very smart!!

  2. 92
    Adam on 24 Nov 2007 #

    They actually mention there being no dark side at the end, you lonely, obese, bitter girl.

  3. 93
    Hacqyr on 23 Dec 2007 #

    If your intention is to make yourself unpopular with a large section of Society, then calling Pink Floyd fans stupid is the way to go, I also don’t understand, if you hate music as you profess to do, then how can you judge it on quality, seems to me like you’re talking out of your ass

  4. 94
    Hey on 27 May 2008 #

    OK, i like pink floyd but its cool with me that some others dont
    but seriously
    yeah theres no dark side of the moon
    but music .. i dont think its supposed to be taken so literally n scientifically
    u dont like floyd? criticize their music n not their album covers or whatever..

  5. 95
    and everybody elses Mark G on 27 May 2008 #

    It’s funny how the contributors here, who say you can’t criticise music if you cannot play any..

    are writing here but clearly can’t spell. Or write legible sentences. But criticise our Tanya anyway.

  6. 96
    nonsense spam on 19 Sep 2008 #

    kyeaspvq tqubiza vfuxnmedc knlzrgw svcqiwdo bufsm dxgysh

  7. 97
    DJ Punctum on 19 Sep 2008 #

    I’m sure Richard Wright would have welcomed that touching yet concise tribute.

  8. 98
    Minnaow on 18 Dec 2008 #

    You assume that they were speaking of Earth’s moon, and that is of course your downfall.

  9. 99
    me on 2 Jun 2009 #

    if you really hate music, why then you have this obsession with it?! let it be…

  10. 100
    Mark G on 3 Jun 2009 #


  11. 101
    pink floyd lover on 30 Jul 2009 #

    who the fuck do you think that you are to say that if you dont understand the lyrics of the cd you will not understand ok first the lyrics of the album talks about the problems or situacions that make the people get crazy and second they are not saying that theres a dark side of the moon the use that to refer about that when your crazy you are in the dark side of the moon and the art of the album it was choose to repersent that theres no light in the dark side of the moon so fuck you shit face for the next time listen and shup up because you dont know the real meaning of the lyrics fuk you!!!!!

  12. 102
    Paul on 18 Dec 2009 #

    Stupid fucking moron-go listen to your Britney albums and die in a puddle of your own piss.

  13. 103
    thefatgit on 18 Dec 2009 #


  14. 104
    seira_g on 17 Jan 2010 #

    Mybe it wasn’t suppopsed to make sense. you’ll never know- after all, you won’t listen to the fucking lyrics!

  15. 105
    Matt on 24 Mar 2011 #

    I wouldn’t be so offended by this stuff if it were just unbiased criticism, but I, like the “stupid idiots in Pink Floyd,” am offended by the way you do nothing but take a shit on artisan-ship.

  16. 106
    I hate the Internet. All of it. on 19 Apr 2013 #

    All that you troll
    All that you flame
    All that you post
    All you “like”
    All that you click
    All that you scroll
    All you refresh
    All you blog
    All that you search
    All that you code
    All that you copy
    Preview or download
    All you update
    All you install
    All that you play
    All that you buy
    All that you tweet
    And spam that you delete
    All your bitcoin
    And every chat you join
    All the dot orgs
    All the dot govs
    All the dot coms
    and everything under the sun is online
    But it’s all just a waste of your time

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