Aug 06

I want a rainbow rubber with Che Guevara on it

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Never accuse over-priced stationer Paperchase of tardiness – the very second the season flipped over from the death-throes of Summer to crispy fresh Autumn, the window display in the Tottenham Court Road branch had an instant revamp. Any schoolchild who left their purchase of a new Back To Skull pencil case to the last minute will now encounter a rather different marketing strategy, aimed not at them but at the great unwashed student demographic, leaving home for the first time on their quest for cheap beer and new friends who will never know about that embarrassing incident in infant school when they ended up having to go home wearing the spare pants from the lost property bin.

Top Marx stationery will no doubt ensure our universities will churn out even more filthy commies than they do at the moment. Or possibly incite a bloody revolution, forcing everyone to file their course notes in some glorious new egalitarian manner. Fidel might be on his last legs but in the world of A4 ring binders, communism still lives!



  1. 1
    Steve Mannion on 31 Aug 2006 #

    re ‘spare pants’, that happened to me once. altho luckily it turned out the spare pants were a pair of mine i had misplaced earlier that term.

    28 years old i was, and then i got off the bus (ahhhh).

  2. 2
    Pete Baran on 31 Aug 2006 #

    Suddenly the “never nude” stories make sense.

    There are plenty of swoppies still around in the university I work in, and very pleasant they are too!

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