Aug 06

Houses with paper walls shouldn’t rock like this

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Courtesy of the koganbot comes notice of this new cyber-hang-out: paper thin walls. Key attraction for our patrons must be daily reviews of a reasonably varied assortment of tracks by a hand-picked squad of trig-friendly writers who’ve thrown away the PR blurbs and gone native. Downloadable too — so yeah, it’s kind of like a smarter MP3 blog, but the names involved (e.g. xhuxx eddy; sterling clover; and that’s just in the first three days…) suggests this might be a cut above. Don’t know what the catch is yet — I guess they’ll be trying to sell something one day, and until then it’s a community-building op, but whatever, I’m sold. Go check it out, duDeZ. Then come back and post up a storm on your New! and Improved! FT.


  1. 1
    Alan on 3 Aug 2006 #

    Is there a Digg for Music? I don’t know that’s what this is, but what I see set me thinking that we haven’t rly got a “social network”/mob news site in tru web 2.0 stylee dedicated to music.

    and with genre tagging there’s no reason this couldn’t work for all manner of music fans.

    If nobody can point me at such a site, i have a new project :-)

    Well after the whole getting married thing.

  2. 2
    Tom on 3 Aug 2006 #

    Ooh that’s a good idea.

  3. 3
    koganbot on 8 Aug 2006 #

    Go to my Meg & Dia review on Paper Thin Walls and leave lots of comments so that Christopher will believe that scads of people are interested in this type of music and he will continue to let me write about it. Oh yes, and listen to the song.

  4. 4
    koganbot on 8 Aug 2006 #


    (is this the very first Freaky Trigger bump?)

  5. 5
    alext on 10 Aug 2006 #

    I fear that the ’10′ given to a Sebadoh track, and todays 3-strikes and you’re out indie triple pack (M Ward, Mountain Goats, some alt-tosser) rather indicates the direction PTW may end up going. Still digging the Meg & Dia track, mind. I’ve gone back to listen to the Flyleaf album again.

  6. 6
    koganbot on 11 Aug 2006 #

    Well, Christopher seems to be going more-or-less thematic when he can, three indies on one day, three metals on another, etc. But you’re right as far as what the bulk of reviews will be about, among other things because it’s a bitch getting majors to give PTW mp3s – I’m trying with Lillix and the Pack, but so far no luck – whereas indies are usually happy to. And also, indie is what the Interweb wants (though Christopher’s taste in indie seems much more neo-no-wave noise than Sebadoh).

  7. 7
    koganbot on 11 Aug 2006 #

    Flyleaf’s sales have jumped 20 to 30 percent in the last couple of weeks, I’m not sure why. Maybe you had something to do with it, Alex.

  8. 8
    alext on 18 Aug 2006 #


    I’m going to post something over there about thisJena Kraus track, which Frank has some stuff to say about, and which I love. But the other reason for pointing this out is the artist herself turning up to discuss things (bravely, I think). Funnily enough, at least one guy withdraws his dismissive response straightaway. For some reason the internet feels different when its people talking about other people, than when its people talking about people who are or might be there too. Nicer, kind of. But obviously it’s always potentially the latter, so why do things so often feel like the former?

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