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Windows Live Local

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… remember that afternoon when we first found Google Earth? Gasping in glee, our work suffered for the rest of the afternoon as we scrambled to remember old postcodes and called our co-workers round to look at our blurry roof… good days! Now there’s another satellite mapper on the act, Windows Live Local! Your London based author is amazed at the clarity of detail in the zoom up to 20 metres, however…

 1/ From identifying trees near old houses, one can note that the pictures are 3+ years old…

2/ As soon as you move away from the Watford gap, you can only zoom in to 50m and the pictures are notably less clear (FY and PR postcodes applicable)

3/ Bad luck if you’re from Fermanagh – 1.5km zoom in is all you can expect! I BLAME THE LONDON MEDIA SET, of which surely I should be part?? I’m blogging and everything!

Whilst being undeniably nifty, the only place where Windows Live Local doesn’t really match up to Google Earth is the fact that you don’t “fly” from one postcode to another, which is undeniably the most rockin’ thing EVER.

Extra Special Bonus Link: Satellite map of the location of THIS SATURDAY’S POPTIMISM!! :) YAY! You can also obtain a sad nostalgia pan from scrolling around trying to find passing Routemasters (RIP).


  1. 1
    Sarah on 27 Jul 2006 #

    You know, sad nostalgia pans, they’re next to the casseroles… PFFFT I can’t be bovvered to edit now I’m afraid.

  2. 2
    Alan on 27 Jul 2006 #

    Mac users – this works on Firefox, but not on Safari because it uses Internet Explorer’s non-standard “DOM”. Firefox has an IE “compatibility” hack in it to cope with this sort of idiocy.

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