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LA PLAGE – “Coupe De Boule”

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Ages ago on the lamented MP3 blog POPNOSE I wrote about how soca’s greatness lay – partly – in how omnivorous it is, subject-wise. Like the calypso it sprang from, anything from arthritis to trade policies makes fine raw material for soca acts. So when I read that somebody had written and recorded – in three days – a song about the World Cup Final and Zidane’s headbutt, I shouldn’t have been surprised to download it and hear soca rhythms.*

“Couple De Boule” – hear it on La Plage’s website – is super timely and it’s also infectious pop. I don’t speak French well; as far as I can tell, the chorus runs something like “The Italian gives it some / Zidane nuts him”. If that was all there was to it, it would be a fun novelty – the factor that transforms it into an actually great football record is how La Plage can’t forget that there was a match around the headbutt, and that the outcome – from their point of view – hurt. The song ends with no mention of Zidane, just a despair-filled “Trezeguet, Trezeguet, Trezeguet” – which needs no translation.

*of course the whole system of riddims and versions makes this kind of rapid-response pop more possible.


  1. 1
    Alan on 1 Aug 2006 #

    bbc news story

    “The African-style song has become a tube de l’été (summer hit) in France, booming out at beaches, campsites and bars.”

  2. 2
    Mark C on 13 Aug 2006 #

    Madchen, stet, Lara, sgs and I listened to this pretty much on repeat during our French sojourn last week – you’ve not heard laughter until you’ve heard Lucy explode on first hearing “Trezeguet, gay, gay, gay”…

  3. 3
    Katherine on 9 Sep 2006 #

    Ummm, if you didn’t know, Trezeguet is one of the french soccer players’ names. He missed the winning goal. It is not “Gay” It’s his name. If you understood a bit of French, you’d probably know that.

  4. 4
    Joe on 19 Mar 2008 #

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