Sep 05

All The Bees Are Ded

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RIP Helen Cresswell, author of The Bagthorpe Saga, which made me larff so much as an 11-year old that I’ve never dared go back and try reading it again.


  1. 1
    Corey K. on 25 Oct 2010 #

    Books two and four (“Absolute Zero” and “Bagthorpes V. the World”) hold up really, really, REALLY well; I’ve read ’em again and again. Perfect balance of plot, character, and hilarious set pieces. Seriously.

    Higledy pigledy pore ded hen
    Yore fethers will never com back agen.

    (Found this post by Googling “all the bees are ded.”)

  2. 2
    Tom on 25 Oct 2010 #

    I actually did re-read them – well, books 2-4, which were what I had as a kid – between posting this and now. And they do stand up well!

  3. 3
    Corey K. on 26 Oct 2010 #

    Hoorah – glad to hear it. :) You’re right in your other post about “Ordinary Jack,” though – I re-read that one several years back and was disappointed.

    Lovely – and only quite recently written – review of the Saga here that I’ve just found:


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