Oct 04

PLUR: hidden agenda revealed

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PLUR: hidden agenda revealed

to me till now, US warblogger glenn reynolds wz merely the mind behind instapundit – a one-stop shop for tireless partisan humbug. So here he rather unexpectedly is reflecting on a. how money and politics have changed blogging (so far sohohum); and b. on himself long ago: “One of my hobbies is making electronic music, and it seems to me that the changes in the blogosphere over the past three years or so resemble the changes in the rave/electronic music scene in the early 1990s. When it started, we were all dancing in abandoned warehouses, under the radar of the authorities…”

Meanwhile two of the most lucid dead-centre (yes yes US-version centre obv) warhawks-turned-bushdoubters – matt yglesias and spencer ackerman – are unrepentently voluble Clash fans. OK Eschaton’s Duncan Black is a Buffy fan: but that makes sense (atrios = lonely warrior against a World of Wrong): the others all seem to read politics right across the grain of their music fandom and (v.unfashionable word alert) praxis…

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