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r. kelly indicted on child pornography charges

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r. kelly indicted on child pornography charges: once in a while, i guess a grand jury can see something wrong with a little bump & grind.


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    Margarita Casado on 12 Aug 2006 #

    TO Whom It May Concern,
    I think child pornography hasn’t been attended to properly.
    In order to do so one must ban all those dirty filthy porno sites that have children under aged been forced to have sex.
    They drug them and bring them from Russia Sarajevo Asia among other countries to be sold to Japan Asia Europe and the United States of America.
    Documentaries seen on Television from American T.V. stations say that Congressman from the U.S.A and important politicians from other countries are in The Ilegal Traffic of underaged pornography and traffic of innocent girls and boys.(6/7/8/9/10 Years of age).
    Also in H.B.O a film was made about this using real life facts wich can be proved.
    They are bought in containers as if they were furniture or other goods to some main ports of the world.
    The documentary and film I saw was filmed on The New York Harbor aproved by immigration and given to the Russian- Mafia residing in that country.
    Others are taken to Japan and Hong -Kong to work in whore houses.
    All these children are drugged and sexually abussed.
    Please Goverments of The World put an end to this atrocity and give them The Death Penalty to all that use children for sex.
    I ask that we have a global campaign aginst Child Pornography.
    Please if any one sees and article expressing such crime have it published.
    Inform the world what is happening.
    If you are a Lawyer or a Psychiatrist that can do something as your carreer makes you the right person for this please investigate and write columms complaining about the matter.
    Let us help our dying children by fghting against Childhood Pornography.
    We are no The Three Blind Mouse.
    Microsoft Corporation wake up!Dont make Childhood Pornography another lucrative business !

    Sincerely Yours,
    Teacher Margie.

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