Nov 99

40. SHERYL CROW – “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

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Average: 1.95 Controversy: 1.31
AT: A misguided cover, but not without a certain logic to it along the drunk lady does karaoke lines. 3
KG: Back to film soundtracks with you Madam. 3
GE: Better versions probably performed in pubs every day of the year. 2
IS: Not even a good song in the first place – reminds me of parties in garages, everyone standing round getting depressed and drunk. 2
TE: There’s a bit in this where the most ravishing pop-metal guitar solo ever – you know the one – pops up being played in a bloody raggle-taggle gypsy style, and you wonder why you bothered with ears in the first place. 1
AE: This is an abomination. 1
DS: Don’t know it. Not the G’n’R single, surely?

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