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Feb 10

The FT Top 25 Pubs of the 00s No 8: The Ship & Shovell, Craven Passage WC2N

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This was a favourite after-work pub for years, being within easy walking distance of the office but seemingly off the radar of anyone else working there. Despite being in a busy tourist area, it maintains its hidden gem status by sitting, tucked away, in an alley under Charing Cross station.

A large sign outside declares the pub’s USP: “The Only London Pub in Two Halves,” the place being housed in two buildings either side of the alleyway.


Sep 09

The Ingredients are in the NAME!

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The Dictionary of Drink has the noble aim of being ‘a guide to every type of beverage’ and is the kind of thing one can happily browse for hours during a lazy session in the pub. We found a copy in the very fine King Charles I off Cally Road and signs were initially good as all the seasonal variations of Hooch were accounted for. However, it quickly became apparent that the authors’ research had been somewhat slapdash.


Jul 08

“I am sorry if this looks petty…”

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Giles Coren, the UK’s Most Important Restaurant Critic, using a thousand words (some of them rude) to hurl his toys right in the faces of Times subs for their ruthless and thoughtless butchering of his precious, precious copy. WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE UNSTRESSED SYLLABLES.

Dec 07

Captain’s Publog

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The following excerpt arrived in my inbox over Christmas and appears to be from the journal of an anonymous Merchant Navy skipper.

23rd December ’07

After 3 days fogbound, we found ourselves under clear skies in open sea. The navigator swiftly fixed our position and discovered we had been drifting South the whole time while enshrouded. Knowing of a nearby harbour town, we steered for land.


Apr 07

“Go for the Sibelius! You won’t be sorry.”

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TOTP debacle aside, the BBC knows full well you don’t need viewers to have a successful brand, especially if said brand is cheap as Mars Bars to make.

The BBC’s longest running programme celebrated its 50th birthday last night in typical fashion: a half-hour show broadcast at 11:30 pm.


Mar 07

Domestic Violence

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Link with clip of Martha Rosler’s Semiotics of the Kitchen (requires Quicktime) as mentioned on yesterday’s FTatLoP. Sadly, my own video of the merciless blunt object destruction of a load of digestives would not upload to YouTube last night so I suggest you recreate your own.


Feb 07


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A spokesman for BBC Drama says: “Thanks to this facility, we’ll be able to produce establishing shots for Doctor Who and Torchwood episodes well into the next decade. And we don’t even have to think of a name!”

Hopefully, Diamond Health & Safety will be posting the appropriate education regarding use of the synchrotron during thunderstorms.

Jan 07

Food Science Day 2: 7 – Flying Fruit Followup

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2005’s hugely successful Flying Fruit Experiment answered a burning question but gave rise to another. The small and unassuming apricot was the winner but supply problems meant that this was the only bum-shaped fruit available in our sample. We began to wonder about the potential of other bumfruits. Can the smoother, harder nectarine be thrown so far that it would hit you in the back of the head? Could a peach be sent into orbit one day? Once again, we set out for the FreakyTrigger comestible-chucking range in Peckham Rye Park.


Dec 06

End This Heresy!

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Consider yourselves on notice, Morrisons.

One Reason Fewer

Nov 06

Ask the Family

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Looks like you were all a bit perplexed by yesterday’s picture. Time to put you out of your misery and get Eric to reveal the answer…