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Jan 19

Popular Crystal Ball: 2018 – Gotta Get Down On Friday

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By annual tradition, my rankings – best to worst – of the year’s UK number one hits, with initial thoughts – very initial, I’d heard only one of these before last week and it wasn’t Ariana. Again, I didn’t adore any of these tracks, and perhaps quite liking is the best I can hope for. Pop has been good to me, after all,

I feel like this year acts have learned the ins and outs of the streaming game – none more than Drake – and turnover has settled down. The dominance of Spotify – and its editorial clout – still seems like a problem, and more fundamentally there’s no sense that the charts have any kind of niche in cultural life any more. But in terms of accurately reflecting what a lot of people are listening to… yes, here they are.


Wiki-illiams Quizz 2018. Round 4

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In which tale:

1 Did Kitty Kid masquerade as Ada Mason?

2 Was the Mephistophelian host fixed by a dummy?

3 Did a showing of Not a Sparrow coincide with the running of the St Leger?

4 Was the recognition that two cousins were named Magdala crucial to the solution?