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Feb 14

NO DOUBT – “Don’t Speak”

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#761, 22nd February 1997

Speak As with “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”, “Don’t Speak” is a rarity: an American modern rock hit that managed to duck under Britpop’s Crimplene Curtain and chart here. In the US, it dominated airplay charts for months – no surprise No Doubt’s UK label sensed a hit in waiting. And like “Breakfast”, it’s one side of a break-up conversation – but where Deep Blue Something grasped at the thinnest of straws to keep something alive, Gwen Stefani knows it’s over, and seems just to want to dodge the final blow. There’s another parallel, too: “The Winner Takes It All”, also an intra-band break up record. That’s a magnificent song, but also pure theatre: a man’s fantasy of how his ex-wife might be feeling. “Don’t Speak” – written by the jilted member – goes to messier places.