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Jan 12

The Freaky Trigger Reader’s Poll 2011: #20-#11

FT/23 comments • 1,195 views

“I am mullet-progeny Miley Cyrus and in 2011 I was totally on the telly loads instead of making music so let’s forget all about my dodgy birdcage video, shall we? Here’s a Miley FACT: You know that if you type in ‘Miley Cyprus’ in to Wikipedia it goes STRAIGHT TO ME? I call that ‘conflict resolution’. Am I a UN ambassador yet? If so I hope it won’t interfere with my upcoming starring role in the major motion picture LOL: Laughing Out Loud.”

I’m sure it won’t Miley. Let’s have a look at entries #20-#11:


The Freaky Trigger Readers’ Poll 2011: #30-#21

FT/5 comments • 623 views

“Hi! I’m serial tweeter Kanye West, and despite all evidence to the contrary I have enough marbles to introduce this section of the FT Reader’s Poll Results! I’ve even listened to a few of them and everything. I like the ones with me on best. Hang on… there must be a mistake here. WHERE AM I???”

Cheers Kanye. Tracks #30-#21 under the cut!