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Jan 11

NARNIA WEEK: Satan Claus

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The appearance of Father Christmas in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe always disconcerted me. As a rational child, there was aspects of the Narnian fantasy which confused me a touch. I was OK with the “portal to another world” type of fantasy, but was well aware from Alice and the Wizard Of Oz that there was always a gentle subtext that this was all the “dream” of the protagonist. A good way of spotting this was there being too much specific from their external life (the Wicked Witch resembling the horrid neighbour). But Narnia had in its favour that it was a shared fantasy, Lucy comes and goes twice, and brings others in. Perhaps it a shared hallucination, but the well thought out world building of CS Lewis had me convinced that more was going on here than just pretend. It wasn’t all just a cheap allegory to make me good at maths or reading (yes – I am looking at you Phantom Tollbooth).