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Jan 11

NARNIA WEEK: what you see is what you get

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I’ve enjoyed all three of the Narnia films so far, partly because they render the deep philosophical silliness of Lewis’s seven beloved books even more massively obvious — but partly because they not only trust in his strengths, but amplify them, by being better than he is (or even realistically could be) at certain things.

Thus: Aslan is a passive-aggressive kn0b who is worshipful only bcz CAN HAZ GIANT KITAN, no more no less.


The Hemingway

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Yes, it’s easy pickins going after pretentious gastro refurbs for being pretentious and expensive but COME ON NOW.

Just off the Lauriston roundabout in Hackney, near Victoria Park, stands a handsome pub on the corner of a residential street. It used to be something else. Didn’t they all? Not that its previous incarnation was any great shakes. In fact, it was terrible. But crucially, it was also ignorable. Now, BEHOLD. The HEMINGWAY.


Freaky Trigger Readers Poll 2010: 11-1

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And here we are – the final section! Thanks again for everyone who’s voted, and a special thanks to all the commenters who’ve joined in the discussion on it. Certainly worth doing again next year, I think.

11. KELIS – “Acapella”: More than a touch of the Gagas in Kelis’ video for this, but the song itself is slinkier and less bonkers than Lady G. A deserved hit, but could the modish, inventive parent album follow suit? Could it bollocks.

And into the top 10!