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PARTNERS IN KRYME – “Turtle Power”

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#648, 28th July 1990

You can trace the Ninjafication of Western pop culture back to the 70s martial arts boom and then specifically to Shogun, a mass market “Horrid Histories” for Japan. All its Ronins and Samurai and whatnot caught on to some degree but pubescent boys took the Ninja particularly to heart. Here was a figure whose silence portended mystery and power, whose cold-blooded mastery of the night could strike fear into the powerful, who honed in secret deadly skills which the mundane world mocked at its peril. The Ninja was as potent an archetype to small boys in the 80s as the superhero had been in the 30s and 40s – no surprise the two concepts quickly met.


Freaky Trigger Readers Poll 2010: 33-23

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Only two chunks to go now – up tomorrow and Friday – so feel free to offer any predictions for the Top 10 in the comments.

33. WAKA FLOCKA FLAME – “Hard In Da Paint”: High-aggro Atlanta hip-hop, probably the most in-your-face track on this year’s list. What I like about this is how the vocal line has been basically exploded, every word surrounded by a shrapnel cloud of syllables.

32. KATY PERRY – “Teenage Dream”: Not a fan of this. The unsubtle style she (and Dr Luke) uses worked OK on dumb summer fun but falls flat when she’s meant to be reflective or inspiring. But obviously several of you thought this was triffic, so over to you, commenters!