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Jan 11

ELTON JOHN – “Sacrifice”/”Healing Hands”

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#647, 23rd June 1990

In the latest X-Factor series they did an Elton John theme week for the first time. Nobody sang “Sacrifice”, probably because it’s very glum and not terribly good. But the choices they did make brought out the unique qualities not so much of Elton but of Bernie Taupin, and the pleasure lay in hearing voices groomed for today’s smooth-milled lyrics suddenly have to struggle with horny-back toads and wide-eyed warriors.


Freaky Trigger Readers Poll 2010: 112-55

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Thanks so much to everyone who send me their lists of Tracks of the Year: we had over 40 entries in the end, which makes this the biggest such poll I’ve done. We had over 500 nominated songs, with 139 of them getting more than one vote.

You’re a diverse bunch and nobody, me included, will like everything that placed in the poll. But the point is to hear things you hadn’t already, which is why I’m going to post the Top 100 here. Here are the first 50. Ordering this low down might as well be arbitrary (i.e. my system for doing it is consistent but too boring to explain) but pretend it isn’t in the comments if you like. I’ve not sourced videos for this lot, but there is a Spotify playlist with most of them, which I’ll update with the rest of the poll.


FT Top 100 Songs Of All Time #13: Busted- Air Hostess

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We’re big fans of Busted here at FreakyTrigger; speculative futurism, analysis of authority in the education system, asking people to dance at the disco and Thunderbirds are all highly relevant to our interests and I’m confident that if Charlie hadn’t thrown a strop to go and attempt to gain that elusive approval from Biffy Clyro that seems to be the prize on the X Factor these days then I’m confident their third album would’ve contained a song about the long egg continuum.