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Nov 10

Freaky Trigger And The Lollards Of Pop (Series 4, week 8)

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There was a slight problem with last week’s show, but it will hopefully turn up at some point. In the meantime, here is this weeks Freaky Trigger and The Lollards Of Pop which for once is serious about the serious and silly about the silly. Pete Baran is joined by Anna Fielding, Katie Grocott and Hazel Robinson to talk about the youth of today, yesteryear and show the presenter to be far too old with his pop culture references. Music from Bjork, Musical Youth, Chase & Status and Debbie Gibson. Of course.

Nov 10


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#642, 3rd March 1990

Collage in pop is often an exercise in surprise – finding things which shouldn’t work together, but do. Throw too much into the mix and you can end up with a novel mess. But even then if you get the final element right it can salvage the whole creation. So let’s imagine the recipe here. Norman Cook is by this point already a well-known DJ with plenty of mix-and-match pedigree – he’s recently done some remixes of the Osmonds back catalogue, which the band are very wary of – and he’s got a B-Side called “Invasion Of The Estate Agents”, built round the skanking bassline from “Guns Of Brixton”, with snippets of Ennio Morricone and the occasional scratch. He throws in a kind of kazoo solo-ey thing for good measure.