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May 10

Sleightlett & Danegeld (cheesy lovers #82 & #83)

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A small raw goat’s milk cheese from Somerset, bought from Neals Yard Dairy

This little squat, disc-like little round of cheese is covered in a bloomy grey and white mould. The centre’s bright white. It’s soft and creamy, slightly fluffy, wth a grainy fine-sand texture.

It’s an intensely creamy cheese, with a subtle fresh fruityness, fragrant and citrussy – lemon zest and orange flowers, I think. The bright fresh milkiness makes it feels like a very clean, clear cheese; it makes me think of tall glasses of fresh, cool milk. A touck of acididty gives a very slight hint of yoghurtiness. The rind is soft and sweet, with a touch of dry dustyness; henna powder, or dried, sun-warmed straw.


Pop World Cup: Semi-Finals Preview

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As anticipation begins to build for the football world cup, the pop version approaches its climax. Thirty-two teams arrived in South Africa: only four remain. We’ll be bringing you the semi-finals next week – let’s have a look at the teams who are now just two wins from glory and their greatest moments in the competition.