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May 10

European Convention On Human Rights (Ice Cream Edition)

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I am aware that it is seemingly against the law in this country to make any kind of joke regarding bombs and airports online. It is a law that I find frankly ridiculous but in the spirit of understanding that site Managing Editor Tom Ewing has two young sons and could do without being banged up for 28 days at her majesties not inconsiderable pleasue, I shall not be making any jokes about such a think right now. When I refer to a Bombe later in this piece, it is an an Ice Cream Bombe, and no kind of explosion, beyond a taste explosion, should be inferred.

And anyway, you can’t get a Bombe in Luton Airport. You can’t get Mr Whippy, you can’t get a Magnum, a Two Ball Screwball, a callipo, a feast, a tub of Haagen Dazs, any amusingly titled Ben & Jerry punning ice cream, not even a four litre tub of Bejam’s White Vanilla, whose whiteness in a less enlightened day showed its purity from all artificial additives bar bleach.