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May 10

Which Decade Is Tops For Pops? Round 6: the Number 5s.

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Although our scoreboard currently remains unchanged from last time, the inconclusive voting pattern of the previous round has left our middle-ranking decades in a constant state of flux, and the gap at the bottom of the table is beginning to narrow:

Cumulative scores so far:
1(1) The Eighties – 19.81 points.
2(2) The Nineties – 18.44 points.
3(3) The Teens – 17.44 points.
4(4) The Noughties – 17.42 points.
5(5) The Sixties – 16.33 points.
6(6) The Seventies – 15.56 points.

After the grimness of our last selection, will today’s Number Fives restore our spirits? We can but hope…

1960: Cliff Richard & The Shadows – Fall In Love With You (video: expired link fixed)
1970: Dana – All Kinds Of Everything (video) (Tom’s post on Popular)
1980: David Essex – Silver Dream Machine (video)
1990: The Adventures Of Stevie V – Dirty Cash (video)
2000: Sisqó – Thong Song (video)
2010: Aggro Santos ft Kimberly Wyatt – Candy (video)

(Download the MP3)


ASWAD – “Don’t Turn Around”

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#605, 26th March 1988, video

Listened to on an overcast Wednesday this sounded supine and dreary: on a shirtsleeve Friday it’s springy and playful. Such is the way of pop-reggae, a genre which more than any other depends on the weather. Aswad’s version of “Don’t Turn Around” is one of a throng of covers – they weren’t the first reggae act to try it, and their reading leads directly to Ace of Base’s later hit. I admit I don’t hear a lot in the song to suggest why so many wanted a tilt at it: I think I’d like it more without the chorus in fact, if the singer’s despair was simply implied, not stated outright. But Aswad do a serviceable job, mostly thanks to Brinsley Forde’s lead performance – nothing revelatory, but charismatic and he reads the song well, getting the right mix of defiance and nervous bluff on “see if I care”, “I’m gonna be alright” et al. The arrangement gets in his way a little at the climax – “Don’t Go! Don’t Go!” he sings, his urgency drowned out by a plasticky crash of drums.

Pop World Cup – Weekend Update – The Quarterfinals

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Roger Bozack gets Peter Baran down the line from Capetown to take in all the action from the Pop World Cup 2010 Quarterfinals. In an all-African tie Nigeria battles Ghana for the host continent crown, though the Cameroonians appear to be staking a claim for Kilimanjaro regardless when they face Spain (take that, imperialist French running dogs). The Netherlands face a surprising Honduras and then all of Germany takes on the southern half of Korea. You know what to do now – go vote!

Produced by Elisha Sessions

Brique de St Jean, Lingot de St Nicholas, Ossau Iraty (cheesy lovers #79, #80, #81)

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I can't find a picture of this cheese anywhere. Here's a cute baby goat instead!

Brique de St Jean

A small goat’s cheese from France, bought from Mons

We have half a brick of this pale goat’s cheese. It’s covered in a velvety, slippery, cream-and-white Geotrichum-wrinkled rind (reminding co-cheese-scoffer Sarah of brain). Inside, it’s soft and white, chalky towards the centre and slippery and liquid underneath the rind.

It’s smooth, and melts quickly, slightly grainily, in my mouth. It’s wonderfully sweet and milky, a touch almondy, soft and comforting, with just the slightest hint of a green, bitter spinachy leafiness. Sarah takes huge snout-filling sniffs of this cheese’s delicate fragrance, and declares it the winner of the Best Smelling Cheese Award.


Teen News

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The Youth Of Today are a mysterious bunch, and often their movements and motivations are perplexing to the previous generation. Luckily help is at hand! Our friends at Digital Spy are doing a sterling job of keeping track of teenage* movements and bringing important events to our attention. Here is a quick round-up – think of it as an exclusive glimpse into the everyday lives of young celebrities:

Jonas Brothers “get trapped in a lift”
Justin Bieber “walks into door”
Miley Cyrus “stuck on Victoria line due to passenger action”
Ashlee Simpson “steps on rake”


Pop World Cup 2010: Fourth Quarter Final – Cameroon 2 Spain 1

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Can it be that this is the last of our Quarter Finals? So Soon? After this, just four games left in the PWC, and one of those is the third place play-off. We are moving so quickly towards the end of this particular road, and here in the commentary box we are enjoying the ride. Two teams who’ve weaved a mazy path through the tournament meet today to battle for the right to progress. On one hand, Weston Debevec’s Cameroon, stronger and stronger as the tournament progresses, the manager’s teamtalks drawing attention (and pressure) away from his consistently fine team. On the other, Alberto’s Spain team, perhaps as flexible as any in the whole PWC: there’s no way of knowing what formation will turn up on the day. Onwards!

This match closes at midnight on Thursday 27th May