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May 10

Which Decade Is Tops For Pops? Round 3: the Number 8s.

Which Decade Is Tops For Pops53 comments • 1,795 views

Timely reminder: I’ll be keeping the voting open on all rounds until a few days after we’re done – so if you’ve just breezed in and fancy playing catch-up, there’s no immediate rush. Experience has shown that late votes in earlier rounds frequently affect the final placings, so NO VOTE IS A WASTED VOTE.

Got that? OK, then let’s unveil the Number Eights.

1960: Elvis Presley – Stuck On You (video)
1970: Tom Jones – Daughter Of Darkness (video)
1980: Motörhead – Leaving Here (from the Golden Years EP) (video)
1990: Soul II Soul – A Dream’s A Dream (video)
2000: Toni Braxton – He Wasn’t Man Enough (video)
2010: Diana Vickers – Once (video)

(Download the MP3 medley)

BONUS CONTENT! As we’ve struck lucky on Spotify, here’s a playlist of all six of today’s entries.


Party responsibly and don’t exaggerate!

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Your intrepid FT correspondents are today embarking upon an ambitious endeavour!

The London Borough Orgabooze is a semi-competitive points-based race around London, whereby teams of up to 4 people visit drinking establishments in each of the London Boroughs using public transport and walking only, picking up points for difficulty (e.g. Islington and Hackney are central so score 1pt, Hillingdon and Havering score 5pts with a bonus for getting both). We are commencing today at 12noon in the City of London, and finishing up in the City of Westminster at 10.30pm. If we don’t make it to the final pub in time all points are lost! You can follow all the ruinous action on Twitter (hashtag #borocrawl).

Although drinking alcohol is not mandatory on this FT adventure, its probably wise to hear a few words of caution from Pop World Cup striker Umek, who has teamed up with the President of Slovenia to bring you this mind-blowing ‘trading places’ skit with an important message.

Clearly it’s ok for them to toast their success as they are responsible adults and would never sick up on the front steps of Ljubljana University after a pub crawl. Oh no.