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Feb 10

Pop World Cup – Radio Roundup 4

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Group D sees our first taste of scandal as Peter Baran questions the ancestral authenticity of the German entry, Heinz, whose fuzzy guitar rock paces Australia’s Sneaky Sound System step for step. And drugs – they aren’t unknown on the Serbian electro circuit but it’s not clear if their influence will be effective for J.K., especially when matched against a fluent Ghanaian side represented by Ayigbe Edem (very much featuring Sarkodie). Kat Stevens once again joins Baran and Roger Bozack for all the highlights and results. Our outro is “On Thin Ice” by S.K. Invitational featuring Lylit.

Produced by Elisha Sessions.

Pop World Cup 2010: Group F – New Zealand 3 Slovakia 1

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The second group F game sees New Zealand and Slovakia go head to head – two Pop World Cup unknowns making their debut on the biggest stage. Both have gone for experienced managers, Steve Mannion in the Kiwis’ dugout while Julio de Souza slips on his sheepskin coat for the Slovaks.

This match will end at midnight on March 4th – for now, get voting.


I Barely Knew ‘im!

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Pandorum posterCam Gigandet (did I stutter?) started out as a young hunk on the Young and the Restless, moved on to playing a young hunk on the OC, kicked off his movie career as young hunk James in Twilight, and now turns up as a young hunk with blindingly white teeth in Pandorum, a pleasingly second-rate sci fi action horror flick set far in the future when Earth has finally groaned and broken under the weight of all its pesky human inhabitants and one last, colossal spaceship has taken off with the last of the human race.

Yes this is also how Wall-E starts. But where Wall-E gave us a good 30 dialogue-free minutes on the desolation of a post-human Earth, this movie starts deep in the bowels of the de rigeur giant spaceship where everyone except rotating teams of flight crew are deep in “hypersleep”, waiting to touch down on a pre-identified Earth-like planet that lies several thousand light years away.

A member of the flight crew awakens fitfully, his memory a fog. He peers around. No lights. He snaps a glow-stick. A thick layer of dust covers the room. Suffice to say, he doesn’t yet know about the evil alien clowns aboard who can run like greased lightning and who like nothing better than snacking on fresh human.