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Feb 10

MEL AND KIM – “Respectable”

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#587, 28th March 1987, video

The marvellous italo-house keyboard break in the middle of “Respectable” gives the game away: Stock Aitken and Waterman were Britain’s premier pop Europhiles. Their late-80s heyday is as near as UK pop has come to European Union – a joyful pan-continental pop sound with Mel, Kim, Rick et al. joining Taffy and Sinitta in vibrant, tinny one-ness.


Pop World Cup 2010: Group E – Cameroon 1 Japan 1

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It’s been a good tournament for the African sides so far: but Cameroon’s Weston Debevec has a very tough opening game against pop sleeping giant Japan, managed by Dasal Abayaratne.

You have until midnight on the 1st March to vote in this one.