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Feb 10

Friends of Pumpkin Publog: Roll of Honour

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  1. Ms Bomba Dear
  2. Linda N. Pride
  3. Sadie R. Madillo
  4. Ruby Port
  5. Gwen Ness
  6. Milla K. Stout
  7. Jean Ann Tonick
  8. Moll D. Wain
  9. P!nk Clove
  10. Stella R. Twah
  11. Graeme de Menthe
  12. Rick Card
  13. Pierre Noe
    Yes I’m afraid there is


Pop World Cup 2010: Group D – Ghana 3 Serbia 0

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A quick check of the FIFA site says I’ve been promoting the Group D clashes in the wrong order – so today it’s Serbia taking on Ghana in the group opener. Ghana are managed by Ben Graham, and Serbia‘s gaffer is Tim Emanuel. Both countries made it through the group stage last time (Serbia still in a pop federation with Montenegro) so expectations are high, even in this strong group.

Also, a quick clarification on the SCORING RULES since I haven’t mentioned them since the first match. To get a win and 3 points, you need to get 58% or more of the vote. 43-57 gets you a draw and 1 point. 42 or less is a defeat. Final group positions are decided based on the points, then on cumulative percentage over the 3 games, then on votes. Phew! Anyone can vote, and this match ends at midnight on the 24th February.