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Feb 10

BEN E KING – “Stand By Me”

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#585, 21st February 1987, video

If the Levi’s Jeans advertisers counted as a single artist they would have six Number Ones – more than Bowie or Britney, as many as Queen, Rod or Slade. Their biggest successes came as tastemakers picking new music hits in the mid-90s, but prior to that they’d helped push the late 80s soul revival out into the casual singles market, and Ben E King was the biggest beneficiary. In the US the Rob Reiner movie was the main driver of “Stand By Me”‘s revival, but in Britain the jeans ad was the deal-maker.


Pop World Cup 2010: Group C – Algeria 2 Slovenia 1

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With much of the attention on the England/USA clash, Group C’s second opening game is a fantastic opportunity for Algeria and Slovenia to make a strong opening to their campaign. Algeria is managed by Martin Skidmore, and Slovenia by veteran pop manager Kat Stevens.

Vote away! This match closes at midnight on February 22nd.