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Feb 10

Pop World Cup 2010: Group A – South Africa 2 Mexico 1

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Hello, and welcome to the Pop World Cup 2010! 64 matches showcasing pop – in its very broadest sense – from 32 nations. There can be only one winner, and that is YOU, the pop fan.

If you want a brief explanation as to what the PWC is go here. Kicking the competition off we have hosts South Africa, managed by Isabel Ewing vs Mexico, managed by Tom Schaller. Two managers new at this level, so the pressure is on right from the start.

How to join in: If you can read this and hear the tracks posted you’re eligible to vote – just tick which one you prefer in the poll. You can leave comments below too. If a track gets 58% or more of the vote, it wins and the team takes 3 points – otherwise, the match is drawn and each team gets 1 point. We’ll be launching a mini-site with voting instructions, results tables, and more very soon.

And without further ado, onwards! With the festival of football (and pop)!


Freaky Trigger Valentine’s Day Special at the Hangover Lounge – this Sunday!

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On Sunday afternoon (that’s real actual Valentine’s Day, chums) a selection of your Freaky Trigger friends will be taking over the Hangover Lounge  (2-7 pm at London’s The Lexington, delicious food and drink available!) and showcasing the smoother side of our questionable taste in pop.

A convivial, if possibly somewhat blurry, afternoon is promised. All welcome, especially FT readers we haven’t met yet.

It Took Seconds: 6’05-5’31

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As you may or may not know I have been doing ANOTHER blog project, this time an MP3 blog over on tumblr: It Took Seconds.

The idea behind ITS is very simple – it’s a countdown: every day I post a song one second shorter than the day before. I started at the decadent stretch of 365 seconds and will gradually pare the tracks down to one second (the actual MP3 might be longer as I think there might be issues with files that short). There’s an informal one-track-per-artist rule too, and I usually have an ‘answer box’ where people can suggest their own favourites at each length.

I write stuff about the tracks too, but usually not very much. Anyway, here is an index of the first 35 entries: my blog design is intentionally very simple so I’ll be putting these indices here. You can still hear all the tracks at the links below.