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Nov 09

Knockalara, Yarg and Crozier Blue (Cheesy Lovers #32, #33, #34)

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Lex joined me for this cheesy lunch.


A soft pasturised sheep’s milk cheese, from Ireland, bought from Neal’s Yard Dairy

Knockalara cheeseThis is a wedge of pale yellow rindless cheese, with a buttery rich texture.

I think it’s yoghurty; almost like eating a block of yoghurt, in fact. There’s a hint of raisin sweetness underneath. This would be an excellent cheesecake-cheese, and I have a hankering to make a lemon cheesecake with this in the title role.

Lex reports that it’s tangy, the flavour lingers, and the texture’s interesting; solid yet spreadable.


This Summer: Triggers Will Be Freaky

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So I just stumbled across the impressive effects looking but terribly edited new trailer for the remake of Clash Of The Titans. Here you can see it yourself.

Yes, that’s right. The tagline is indeed: TITANS WILL CLASH.
Which if I remember the original isn’t exactly what happens. More Epic Heroes will kill stop motion creatures with mirrors. But the Harryhausen film holds a soft spot in my heart, even though Harry Hamlin is no-ones idea of Perseus. Anyhoo: TITANS WILL CLASH. Such a simple formation if only other films did that. We could have seen some of these:


In the theatre: “This Summer, A SALESMAN WILL DIE”


Hackney Empire’s New Act of the Year – Audition #2

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tbe09The last big event the Hackney Empire will put on before it goes dark for an indefinite amount of time next year – thank you Arts Council – is the New Act of the Year. Theoretically anything goes, but “new act” has come to pretty much mean “neophyte standup comics” — which may be your idea of hell (there were actually two different predictive text jokes involving the sad face coming up when the name of your town is punched in), but that’s why we go to these things, so you don’t have to. My notes, as scribbled hastily in the dark between gulps of beer and the occasional bout of a strange kind of short fit that I believe is known as laughing, are as follows…