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Nov 09

Adventureland vs Zombieland

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1: Zombieland has lots of zombies in it.
Adventureland has scant adventure in it.
A: 0 Z:1

2: Adventureland is a sweet romance disguised as a slightly older version of Superbad!
Zombieland is a sweet romantic comedy disguised as a zombie film.
A: 0 Z:2 (Zombieland is the better romance)

3: Adventureland stars Jesse Eisenberg.
Zombieland stars Jesse Eisenberg.
A: 0.5 Z: 2.5

4: Despite being called Zombieland, it isn’t very scary.
Whilst called Adventureland , the real adventure is the one of falling in love and growing up.
A: 1.5 Z: 2.5


The Most Important Game Ever Made #20: Frere Jacques

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The final tour song… ever! And it was actually the final tour song for the Beatles in real life, according to the in-game factoids. (Well, almost. But it was definitely the last song they played that was written by them.)

This was the only even faintly decent cover version of ‘Paperback Writer’ I could find – Gershon Kingsley, from his album ‘Music To Moog By’. That said, there’s something ill-fitting about ‘Paperback Writer’ devolving into a psychedelic wilderness over the course of the song.