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Nov 09

Arcane Symbology 101: Transport Edition

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For awhile now, I’ve been confused by TFL telling me to get on the Circle line from Shepherds Bush Market station. “Oh dear TFL,” I thought, “you’ve gone mad.” Indulgently, I ignored this phenomenon until yesterday when some idle ponderings regarding the tube map led me to notice this.

1) It doesn’t seem an overwhelming benefit to be able to get to Hammersmith on the Circle line,
2) Circles do not have tails,
3) So which demonic sigil is it that our all-new non-circular Circle will be scribing across the landscape?

I am, obviously, excited by the idea that this will finally activate Westfield’s giant robot mode.

Three Films About Tokyo: 3: The Ramen Girl

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I was in Tokyo in 2002 for a week. I left the day before the World Cup started. If there was ever a point that Japan was geared up to deal with foreigner visitors, it was that week. And whilst the script was incomprehensible to me, and I spoke about ten words, I got by just about. But being on my own for much of the time, the big challenge was with food. And since I ate some great food in Tokyo, how did I do it. Well there is the pointing method (pointing at someone elses food or more likely the plastic model of the food in the window). But another good way was to go to a restaurant that only really served one thing. I eat anything so going to a ramen restaurant and just nodding when the waitress checked if I wanted egg, tofu, squid, rawlplugs did me fine. Because the ramen was always about the noodles and the soup.

The Ramen Girl, being about an American slacker who finds herself out of luck and depressed in Tokyo who decides to train to be a ramen chef therefore resonated strongly with me.