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Sep 09

Welcome to Popular

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Now I’ve got today’s actual post up I’d like to say hello to any newcomers who’ve arrived via Bob Stanley’s Times article on this project. I see some new faces in the comments boxes already, which is just fantastic – any undertaking like this needs refreshing occasionally. I hope you stick around and wade in to any new entries (as well as restarting debate on old ones, of course).

Also a reminder for old and new alike that next Friday night it’s Club Popular, where we play only #1 hits all night, and next Sunday afternoon (the 4th) we’re invading the Hangover Lounge, at the Lexington in Islington, where Mr Stanley and I will be spinning some of the mellower #1s, and the regular DJs promise “number one themed” sets. Hope to see some of you one or both of those.

Lunch with Katie (Cheesy Lovers 20 – 23)

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I met up with Katie for a cheesy Friday Borough Market lunch-and-review the other week.


This is our lunch! Clockwise from the top left you have salty ricotta, Raschera, St Denis and Roquefort.

Mostly cow, with a bit of sheep, Italian, from Gastronomica

This is a soft pale elasticy wedge of cheese, scattered with little holes. It’s initially very creamy, and melts in the mouth, leading to both a sharp fruity bite – think gooseberries, and a contrasting sweet milkiness that reminds me of those pink and white milk-teeth sweets

Katie’s verdict: ‘Delicious – a bit like dairylea for grownups.’



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#550, 11th May 1985, video

Before writing this entry, I spent a while researching Paul Hardcastle’s later career as a highly successful figure in the land of Smooth Jazz. I cannot tell you how long this actually took, as time can have no meaning in a world where tracks are called things like “Visions Of Illusions” and “Constellation Of Dreams”. But what this voyage of illumination showed me is that “19” is a very odd fish indeed: even Hardcastle’s prior output, if YouTube is any guide, sounded like the on-hold music for a flotation centre. What happens when such a man decides to make a cut-up electro record?


DIXIE CHICKS – “Not Ready To Make Nice”

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I’ve never really cared about the Dixie Chicks beyond this record, and I had to look up what they did that was so terrible. So I don’t like “Not Ready To Make Nice” (embedding disabled) because of its political relevance, but because of its cultural and personal resonance. Even though it’s not really ‘about’ this at all, it’s the best song I’ve heard concerning the moment when some ridiculous situation tips over from “WRONG ON THE INTERNET” into actually surreal rage and wild, disproportionate hate.