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The Most Important Game Ever Made #7: I Want To Mold Your Brand

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CORTNEY TIDWELL – “Don’t Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up (Ewan’s Objects In Space Remix)”

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In the pre-MP3 era (viz. the mid-90s), remixes of non-dance, non-hip-hop artists worked as follows.

1. The artist or their label would get somebody to do a remix. This was usually the Chemical Brothers, but occasionally the Aphex Twin or Fluke would get a go.
2. The remix would appear as the third track on the 2nd CD.
3. The fans would buy it. They might also play it.
4. Some would hate it and accuse the record labels of ripping them off with remixes rather than proper B-Sides.
5. Others would say it was really good, for dance music, but obviously not as good as the original track.
6. It would be entirely forgotten about.


Kissing the pink goodbye…

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FreakyTrigger in ‘easy on the eyes’ scandal?! There’s a new stylesheet named ‘nu’ which you can select at the foot of the sidebar if, like me, you’re a bit sick of the pink colour scheme the site’s been sporting for some time now. The nu style alters colours and some fonts but keeps everything in the same position (for now). Try it for you might like it.

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This will actually become the default style soon but fans of the pink can of course retain this as the option will remain in the sidebar and there may be another style option or two by the end of the year.

My Ten Favourite Films Of 2008: 2: The Orphanage

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I often wonder if certain movie “scenes” are really just cobbled together because you get one outstanding film from a country and then everyone looks a bit closer at the others. The last major horror scene before the recent interest in Spain, was J-Horror, and looking back at it, the products were a bit woeful. We got one classic (Ringu), a few OK films which seemed original because of a different cultural view of ghosts and spirits and a hell of a lot of hair, eyes and creepy kids. Oh, and I daresay the odd university film essay on technophobia (I know, I wrote one!) And even worse US remakes.

The Spanish horror wave of the last few years is also slowly being remade by Hollywood, but there is much more of a shared cultural connection between the two on the surface. But the Spanish horror films of the last few years, which often have been more ghost movies than horror anyway, have had at their heart Spain’s turbulent last one hundred years. In particular the Spanish civil war and the forty years of Franco and fascism.