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Sep 09

The Most Important Game Ever Made #3: What’s Eating Ringobot

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And so the game proper starts, with one of the Beatles’ most iconic hits:



My Ten Favourite Films Of 2008: 6: The Fall

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I am a sucker for films about films. The Fall is a film about an injured silent movie stuntman trying to commit suicide. It is a ridiculously opulent film, seemingly pieced together from oblique advertising shots and somewhat portentous in tone. But it is also a film about innocence, storytelling and death. It plays the reverse Scheherazade trick – our hero delays his own suicide to finish his story. That his story is quite this dumb, or indeed that it ever has to involve swimming elephants doesn’t really matter. Tarseem Singh, in making this somewhat idiocyncratic piece of fluff, accidentally makes the ur-Gilliam film. It is Time Bandits, The Fisher King, Tideland and especially Baron Munchausen rolled into one. And its nice to know there is someone else who shares some of Gilliam’s strange never say die attitude towards getting what he wants on film. Even if what they want is quite silly.