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Aug 09

Like A Motorway

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French film “Home” starts with a happy family playing hockey on a strip of tarmac. This slowly reveals itself to be a motorway (Autoroute), and their house is right next to it. So we have house, motorway, idyllic field. Happy family. THEN, the motorway is opened. Noise gets to be too much. Motorway is dangerous and seems to be polluting. Its all very strange. But that’s OK because we are never supposed to think of this as real, teh motorway is a METAPHOR.


CHAKA KHAN – “I Feel For You”

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#540, 10th November 1984, video

Asked to describe the I Feel For You album, Wikipedia offers “Genre: Funk, Hip Hop, Electronic dance music, soul, Rhythm and blues, Pop”. By a remarkable coincidence that is the exact genre of this single, too – a time-shifting stylistic summit meeting that offers nothing less than a Grand Unified Theory of black American pop over the past two decades.