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Hope I Die Before I Get Polled

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No more pop generation gap, claims this survey by Pew Internet. “There’s now broad agreement across the generations about one realm of American culture that had been an intense battlefield in the 1960s: the music.”


Middlebrow Movie Business Plans: Tick VG

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Smoking In Bed Is BADCoco Avant (Before) Chanel is not an arthouse movie. Its FRENCH. Its a very pretty period piece which purports to tell the tale of Coco Chanel up until the bit where she started designing clothes, ie before the INTERESTING bit of her life. Even the title is stupid. Coco Before Chanel is thoroughly incorrect, Audrey “Mr Bean” Tattou plays Gabrielle Chanel fiestily as Gabrielle, slowly gaining the Coco nickname. It should be called Chanel Before Coco.

Nevertheless we are not here to look at the films merits as a very pretty but somewhat shallow and nearly dull puff piece about a Nazi appeaser before she became a Nazi appeaser. I am not even going to judge it on it fashion chops, though frankly throwing off a corset and making a few straw hats seems an odd apprenticeship into fashion goddesshood. Instead I want to contrast the business acumen as displayed in this film compared to GI Joe and Moon. What, of course, Coco Before Chanel has going for it is that it is based on a true story which we know the business plan did work out. Chanel is still a rather successful fashion and perfume house, based on the wise business plan as espoused in the film. Which is basically play two rich blokes off of each other, then get them to help fund your hatmaking business.