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Jul 09

All Of This Ichi Is Making Me Scratch

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My head that is. Ichi, the recent Japanese samurai bit of fluff is a puzzling piece. Not to be confused with the brutal, mental but considerably better Ichi The Killer by Takeshi Miike, Ichi is a gender swap run around at Zatoichi (also recently made in a lot better form by another Takeshi – beat this time). Zatoichi as you may recall, is an itinerant blind musician who is more than a bit handy with a samurai sword, and wanders feudal Japan righting confounding many a baddie with his odd excellence at swordplay. You know, for a blind man. There are plenty of stories of the underestimated blind warriors, but Zatoichi is probably the most developed (perhaps with the exception of Marvel’s Daredevil who has unfortunately by secondarily crippled by the Ben Affleck film). Anyway, what does a female Zatoichi, or daughter of Zatoichi, offer us that the big Z himself doesn’t? A commentary of the role of women in feudal Japan? A commentary of blind females in feudal Japan. Sexy swordswoman shits and giggles? Er, none of the above. Ichi mainly offers a cartoonish plot, and the character development of a hugely lame comedy sidekick character.