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Jul 09

Hip Young Gunslingers

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It might have been the death of Steven Wells, or the closure of VIBE, or just people having a tired old moan, but there’s been a lot of mulling over the state of music writing this last couple of weeks. It seemed to me that one obvious thing to do if you’re interested in this question might be to see where new music writers are coming from and what they’re getting up to.

In the grand tradition of getting other people to do my work for me I went to a couple of places and asked – who’s good under 25? Some people rightly pointed out you didn’t have to be under 25 to be a good new music writer. I agree, and I haven’t checked the ages of this lot. It’s also true that you can be under 25 and pretty well-seasoned: Jessica Popper has been blogging for well over 5 years; Matt LeMay (whose age I’m not sure of) is a Pitchfork vet and has a book out. Both were mentioned, but I figured “new” was a stretch in those cases.

Otherwise, everyone who was named – or named themselves! – is in. I trust my Twitter/Tumblr follows enough to feel they won’t sell me many pups. Some would have been on any list I made, some I’d never heard of! You may look at this lot and say “Music writing? Yup, it’s a goner”. You may find a few things to add to your RSS. I’m not going to editorialise – at least not until we’ve got through the names…